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Virus Removal

I don’t want to loose my files and programs, but I have a virus infection, pop up ads that won’t go away, or when I go to certain websites I am taken to a different and wrong site.

$149 | 2-4 days

Save my stuff

Backup and recover my files and data so I don’t loose what is important to me.

$59-99 | 1 day

Speed up my computer

I want my PC or Mac cleaned up and running faster.

$49-149 | 1-3 days

Get rid of error messages

Warnings, popups, bluescreens and more are causing problems and I can’t use my computer.

$149 | 2-3 days

Programs won’t install

My apps and applications are having problems installing. The installation fails, gives me an error message, and doesn’t complete.

$39-69 | 1-2 days

Wireless doesn’t connect

I can’t connect to WiFi, I’m having problems getting online and my wireless printing doesn’t work.

$375 | 1-3 hours at your house

Can’t print

My printer won’t scan or print, my computer won’t connect to the printer, the printer is jammed, it prints lines when it prints, doesn’t print color or black, there’s not text when I print, the text or print is too small, or it won’t print the whole page.

$39-69 | 1 day

Computer won’t boot

The computer doesn’t turn on, the PC won’t startup, my Mac gets stuck at the grey loading screen, the screen is black, or Windows just spins but won’t load.

$69+ | 1-4 days

Reload Windows or Mac

I need my computer refreshed, it’s having problems and needs to be rebooted, I’d like it cleared out and reset to factory and then updated.

$179 | 2-3 days

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