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Virus Repair

From scams to popups, get your computer back to perfect without losing your programs and files!

Doesn’t turn on

Move your computer and now it won’t turn on? Big storm last night and things just aren’t working right? Worked fine yesterday but not today? Figure out what’s causing the problem and get it fixed quick!

Laptop screen repair

Does your screen have:

  • Dim or dark spots?
  • Lines or bars?
  • Light or shifting colors?
  • Cracks?
  • Flickering or no picture?

Get your screen fixed fast!

Laptop keyboard repair

Spill something on your keyboard? Keys not working right? Missing or broken laptop keys? Get your keyboard fixed fast!

Password removal

Can’t log in to Windows or Mac? Password not what it used to be? New password when you never created one? Get it fixed in 30 minutes or less!

Laptop overheating

Have to use a cooling mat to keep your laptop running? Computer suddenly shuts off after running for a couple minutes or less? Overheating will destroy your computer! Get it fixed fast and guaranteed to run cooler than stock!

Slow computer

Slow computers are worthless! You can’t get anything done on them and are always waiting! Figure out if there is a hardware problem or just a simple software fix fast!

Printing problems

Print errors when you try to print? Can’t get the computer to see the printer on wireless? Want to print from your phone? Get everything working the way it was supposed to out of the box!

Gaming computers

Games lagging when you’re fragging? Build your own rig but it’s not working right? Want someone to build you a gaming PC that will put your friends in their place? Find your solution right here!

Used computers

Need a new computer but can’t afford new? Get a business-grade gently used computer that is guaranteed to work great!


“Any Key has been so helpful and understanding so far in trying to help me with my issue! They gave me great advice and even emailed me articles, photoshop plug ins and links to help solve my issue! They have amazing customer service and I am so thankful for them trying to help my current issue which we are working on resolving! They are positive and confident and that is a relief! I will definitely be returning in the future for any of my needs! I highly recommend them!!!” Sam H.


Whether your device is brokenslow, or just plain confusing, we provide the help and resources you need to master your digital world.

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