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Whether something’s down, you want to avoid being down, or you aren’t sure what to do next, we’ve got the advice so you can make the right call.

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Get louder and better sound from your laptop speakers

One of the most popular questions we get from clients is about how to get louder and better sound from laptop speakers. While there is a limit to how much sound you can get, and how good you can make it, there are some other things you can try and buy to...

Computer cleaning do’s and don’ts

Just like anything else, a computer requires regular maintenance if you want to keep it running well. One of the most important things is keeping the computer free of excess dust buildup. A common misconception is that you can clean the inside...

Why won’t my PC turn on?

Computers are wonderful becuse they are very logical devices. Something works, or it doesn't. It's properly configured, or it isn't. They're very binary in their behavior - at their core. But on the surface...well, that's a whole other story... Things seemed fine, and...

The truth about why your computer is slow

There are a number of different causes of a computer running slowly - age, infections, failing parts, too many apps startingup… The best way to find out what is causing your computer to run so slowly is to have a professional take a look at it. Our techs will perform...

How much should I spend on a computer?

I get this question a lot, but especially towards the end of summer when parents are getting ready to send their kids off to college (or are getting ready to take a class themselves). With so many options, you can spend anywhere from $200-$4,000. And anywhere on that...

Do I really need a computer?

I get this question a couple of times a month. Usually the question comes from a frustrated client who is revisiting their need for a computer at all, curious if they can get by with a tablet or iPad. It’s a valid question. With all of the accessories and improvements...
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