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When we started the shop 12 years ago, we offered curbside pickup and delivery of computers to be serviced. We were a little ahead of the time, because there wasn’t much demand for it at the time. Fast forward to 2022 and people are Door Dashing diet Cokes from McDonalds. There’s no escaping the convenience that comes with curbside service. Except that to most businesses, curbside means coming to THEIR curbside.

We are coming to yours!

For several years we have looked at how to expand the shop to surrounding areas. In areas near the metro, real estate costs are too high and residents are used to having shops so close that they won’t travel from one city to another. This means having to open multiple locations in expensive areas resulting in higher costs for services.

In other areas, the opposite is the case. Real estate is cheap, but there isn’t enough demand to keep a shop sustained full time with rent and staffing.

So we came up with an innovative solution to address both scenarios: a move to mobile.

For the last couple of months, we have been testing demand for our free curbside delivery service again, and the demand for it has been greater than expected!

With the end of our lease aligning with our new push to offer curbside services (at your curbside), we are moving ahead with a temporary transition to a non-retail office space to free up cash to be invested in a mobile service platform.

A van outfit with mobile repair stations, solar power generation, and a high-speed Starlink business connection will provide the ability to continue to service the local area, while adding the ability to service multiple metro and rural cities with curbside pickup and drop-off repair service.

This setup provides several key benefits that we don’t have due to our brick-and-mortar roots:

  • Popup computer repair can be provided to rural communities where it would be unprofitable to open a storefront
  • Curbside pickups and deliveries can be coordinated with service calls in the area to reduce wasted travel time
  • Curbside repairs can be performed between service calls anywhere, eliminating downtime and speeding up repair times
  • We can complete service calls faster where a client’s limited internet speed would otherwise limit how quickly we can perform work
  • Increased scheduling availability

Let me quickly address a couple of questions that are likely coming to mind:

  1. Our contact information is not changing, in fact it’s expanding this month. Here are the ways you can reach us:
    • Call the shop line: 612.208.2572
    • Email:
    • NEW: Live chat on our Facebook page
    • NEW: Chat on Google Maps
    • NEW: Text the shop line
    • NEW: Live chat on the website
  2. Our hours are still 7a-4p Monday-Thursday (with extended daily and Friday hours for clients on priority support contracts).
  3. Subscription products and services such as our managed antivirus, managed backups, managed firewalls, and all fixed-rate support services are still being offered and supported.
  4. We are still carrying products.
  5. We are still offering electronics recycling.
  6. We are still offering free inspections. Inspections will be carried out on-site and will continue to be free when service is approved. If you would rather not have any service performed after the inspection, the visit and inspection is only $30.
  7. Curbside pickup and delivery appointments are available Monday-Thursday at no additional cost.
  8. Initially, we are providing curbside service within 60 miles of Cambridge in all directions. We intend to grow that area as we reach new clients and continue grow our team. If you live or work outside that area and still need service, give us a call and we will work out a solution.
  9. You do not have to have your equipment delivered back to the same address that it was picked up from.
  10. Remote appointments and on-site service calls are also available.

This last point brings me to the next piece of news:

We have standardized our on-site service call pricing! All service calls are now a flat $350 for an initial service

Anything from a diagnostic to a repair or new computer setup (including moving all your files, programs, and installing your printer and other devices). Additional services when we are already on-site are $125 each. The only exception to this pricing is business projects such as server, firewall, and network deployments.

On-site services are performed same day, generally in less than 2 hours. If you need something completed quickly – this is the best option.

Curbside services are completed and returned within 7 days of picking up the equipment, except where special order parts are required and have not yet arrived.

For those of you who have been into the shop over the last year, you are probably asking yourself, why make this change after freshly remodeling the storefront?

The short answer to this question is that the vision for the mobile shop had not yet fully solidified when we took on the shop remodel. Was the remodel a waste of money? No. I am thrilled that we can leave our space 100% better than we found it when we originally took possession of it. When we moved in, the carpet was worn through, and the walls were in rough shape. To be able to sow a seed by blessing our landlord and a lucky new tenant with a freshly remodeled space and brand-new carpet and paint is an honor!

After 12 years, I’m excited to see what God has in store for our business for the next 12 years.

And once again, we are still here serving you. I have too many twins to feed to think of doing anything else!

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